Santa Fe Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: May 7, 2020

How many people live in Santa Fe?

According to the 2010 National Census, 2961 people live in the village of Santa Fe. The district of Santa wich stretches to Calovebora on the Caribbean Side, has a total population of 13,609.

Where is the ATM?

Santa Fe does not have a bank. Or a gas station. The nearest place to get money or gas is in Santiago, one hour down the mountain.

is there a doctor?

Santa Fe has a health center which is open 7 days pero week. There are two doctors staffing the facility. Serious health issues are sent to the hospital in Santiago.

Are there snakes?

Of course there are snakes! Santa Fe is in the tropics. Most of our reptiles are harmless, but we do have some very poisonous snakes such as the Coral snake, Fer de Lance and Bushmaster. Be watchful where you put your feet and hands if you are hiking, especially around rivers and streams in the dry season. And if you fortunate to see a reptile, please observe the animal and leave it in peace.

What are these itchy bumps all over my body?

Santa Fe has chitras, chiggers, spiders, garrapatas and ticks depending on the season. We live in a tropical environment and bugs are a big part of a healthy ecosystem. A little insect repellent, especially applied around 3pm, will make your visit more pleasant.

Where's the golf course?

No golf course. Just beautiful countryside.

So what's to do? The possibilities are endless if you love the outdoors. Hike to one of the many waterfalls, enjoy a day at the bank of a river. Go bird watching or count how many different kind of butterflies you can find. Ride a horse into the mountains. Visit the orchid house or have lunch at the organic farm. There are many local fondas where you can try local Panamanian food or try one of the restaurants. Have an ice cold Panamanian beer and chat with the Santafereños. Kick back and enjoy our town. Santa Fe Caribbean Tours can help you plan your visit and have maps and contact numbers for local guides and business owners.

I hear there is a road to the Caribbean...

yes there is a new road, but it's not finished yet, so contact to us in Santa Fe Caribbean Tours to organize a trip for you.

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